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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our hotel the Queen and Crescent : ) I know it doesn't look like anything from this side angle but it is about 100 years old so I am thinking it's doing pretty well : ) Here is the link in case you ever want a great hotel in the heart of New Orleans for a VERY LOW rate for LUXURY! www.queencrescenthotel.com
This was at the World War 2 Museum. It is a great museum if you want to know anything about WW2

I have been told that I need to keep my blog updated, so updated I will keep it. :) Well at least try. Soooooo we went on our honeymoon to New Orleans during New Years and had a blast.!

Lots of pictures, memories, and fun!

So Andrew and I also bought a new truck a little over a month ago and we are trying to balance out all of our bills that we have, but it is a part of marriage life so it must be done.

We are also embarking on a new adventure that I will keep everyone updated on whenever we get there :) I just have to say though that everytime I watch the notebook I am reminded about how much I love Andrew! He is the light of my life and my rock, and without him I wouldn't know where I would be :) More to come later.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

~Christmas 2009~

My Christmas Present
Our Christmas Kiss Kiss

Our Family
(Sharayah, My mom, My dad, Chris)
Me and Andrew
Our first Christmas as a married couple was awesome! We had a good time with family. Spent time with Andrew's family on Christmas Eve day. On Christmas Eve night we went to my grandparetnts for communion. After that we went to my parents and opened presents.
On Chrismtas day we woke up and put our presents in the truck and we to Gant Lake to open our presents. We had a great time :) We headed over to my other grandmas to open presents there. After visiting for a couple of hours we headed out to the sand dunes to drive the truck around. Then we headed to his moms to watch movies :) All in al it was great first Christmas together as a married couple.